The Kentucky Haiti Benefit Auction 2021

Heifer & Livestock Auction


Livestock and heifers are raised and donated for the sale. The proceeds from the auction go directly to the missions. Specifically to support agricultural development and other self-help programs, as each mission sees fit.


This is the cooperative effort of many churches and individuals to bring relief to the hungry, the sick, the naked and the homeless of Haiti. Our ultimate goal is to bring them to Christ. Relief is given throughout the country of Haiti without regard to race, religion, color or creed.

Want to donate a heifer for the sale?

Donating is simple! A volunteer will take care of all logistics – trucking, paperwork, etc. in a discreet, confidential manner, all you have to do is donate. Contact one of the board or committee members to get started.

If you would like to raise livestock for the auction but don’t have the room to do it; our committee members will help you find a place to raise it! This could be a great children’s project for this year or next year’s sale! If you would like to donate a heifer to the sale or have questions, feel free to contact any of the board or committee members.

Heifer Committee

Steve Miller


H: 270-424-8161

M: 270-889-1984

M: 270-889-1656

Mervin Beachy


H: 270-265-9221

Ben Shrock

Baked Goods

C: 731-336-8776

Nate Overhalt

Vice Chairman

M: 270-542-6283

C: 270-725-0320

Stephen Weaver

Tools & Crafts

H: 270-475-3154

Ervin Shirk


H: 270-265-5454

F: 270-265-5405

David Miller


C: 270-213-1157

Abner Zook


H: 270-466-3207

M: 270-498-0685

F: 270-466-3207

Chris Hostetler


C: 270-779-2343

Joseph Shrock


H: 606-787-5412

F: 888-432-9855

David Schmidt

Assistant Food

M: 765-561-7013

W: 270-424-5296

F: 270-424-9600

James Schlabach

Flowers and Shrubs

H: 270-604-0611

F: 270-265-0309

Leon Shirk

Auction Manager

H: 270-886-6766

C: 270-498-4911

Sam Coblentz


H: 270-483-2806

F: 270-483-2807

Joe Miller


C: 270-847-7300

H: 270-542-7906

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you. - Deuteronomy 16:17